New York

Atwright, Miriam — a Harvard research librarian who in the past has aided and admired Jackson Elias’ researches.

Blackwell, Nigel — unidentified, inaccessible author of Africa’s Dark Sects, which discusses the Cult of the Bloody Tongue among other organizations.

Brady, Jack “Brass” — bodyguard for Roger Carlyle. Always faithful to Carlyle since being saved by him from conviction for murder.

Carlyle Expedition — the principal members were Roger Carlyle, Dr. Robert Huston, Hypatia Masters, Sir Aubrey Penhew, and Jack Brady.

Carlyle, Erica — sole heir to the Carlyle millions since Roger Carlyle was declared dead. She is willing to reopen the investigation in order to learn the truth about his death.

Carlyle, Roger — leader of the Carlyle Expedition and millionaire playboy.

Cory, Joe — Erica Carlyle’s bodyguard. A tough mug.

Cowles, Prof. Anthony — from the University of Sydney, currently a Fellow at Miskatonic. He has seen amazing photos of ancient ruins in the west of Australia which were taken
by Arthur MacWhirr.

Cowles, Ewa — Anthony Cowles’ intelligent and beautiful daughter.

Crompton, Montgomery —in the early nineteenth century he wrote a diary since known as Life as a God, praising Nyarlathotep and revealing many secrets concerning the
Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh.

Elias, Jackson — a globe-trotting writer specializing in exposés of death cults and other strange organizations. He gets wind of Nyarlathotep’s plan, but cultists chase him
down and kill him.

Emerson, Arthur — an innocent New Yorker. As an importer/exporter, he can supply the address of Ju-Ju House, which Jackson Elias intended to visit.

Huston, Dr. Robert — once a fashionable Jungian analyst in New York.

Kensington, Jonah — owner and chief editor for Prospero House, a small New York firm. He is Jackson Elias’ publisher.

Huston, Dr. Robert — once a fashionable Jungian analyst in New York.

Masters, Hypatia —a New York society girl, she is a member of the Carlyle Expedition, ostensibly to make its photographic record.

Mukunga — the high priest of the Bloody Tongue in New York. His temple occupies the basement of Ju-Ju House.

M’Weru – Seductress of Roger Carlyle.

N’Kwane, Silas —the proprietor of Ju-Ju House, New York City.

Penhew, Sir Aubrey —formerly the director of the Penhew Foundation in London.

Poole, Lt. Martin, NYPD — investigator of Jackson Elias’ murder. He knows that in the last two years, eight other people have been killed in manners similar to Elias’ death.

New York

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