Besart, Warren — he acted as a purchasing agent for Roger Carlyle in Cairo; what he saw during his tenure with the Carlyle Expedition left him a hashish addict and almost insane.

Broadmoor, Agatha — member of the Clive Expedition,

Clive Expedition — in Egypt, it is secretly acting in behalf of Nyarlathotep. The principal members are Henry Clive, Agatha Broadmoor, James Gardner, Johannes Sprech, and Martin Winfield.

Clive, Dr. Henry— archaeologist

Gardner, James — archaeologist with the Clive Expedition

Janwillem Vanheuvelen —Dutch archaeologist. His theft of a Bast cult text angers the goddess and outrages her priestess.

Kafour, Dr. Ali — in Cairo, the Egyptian Museum’s resident expert in matters occult as well as archaeological. He is an accomplished linguist.

Najir, Faraz — a Cairene dealer of antiquities known to Roger Carlyle and Warren Besart.

Shakti, Omar —Egyptian plantation owner

Sprech, Johannes — archaeologist with the Clive Expedition

Wassif, Nigel — anglophile publisher of the Cairo Bulletin, an English language daily newspaper.

Winfield, Martin — archaeologist, member of the Clive Expedition,


Mask of Nyarlathotep tentaclese