al-Sayed, Tewfik — London spice-dealer and high priest of the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh.

Barrington, Inspector James — handling the so-called “Egyptian murders” for the London CID.

Chabout, Punji — criminal and warehouse owner in London.

Gavigan, Edward —director of the London-based Penhew Foundation and high priest in the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh.

Mahoney, Mickey — London friend of Jackson Elias and publisher of a scurrilous tabloid, The Scoop.

Shipley, Bertha — seemingly Miles Shipley’s mother, she is actually Ssathasaa, a serpent person.

Shipley, Miles — mad young artist and insane visionary, now collaborating with Ssathasaa the serpent person.

Ssathasaa — a serpent person who has magically acquired the appearance of Bertha Shipley, Miles Shipley’s mother.

Torvak, Lars —drunken owner-captain of the Ivory Wind, a tramp freighter carrying cultist items to and from the Far East. Devoured by a hound of Tindalos.

Yalesha — a belly-dancer at the Blue Pyramid nightclub.


Mask of Nyarlathotep tentaclese