The Penhew Foundation


The Penhew Foundation an important clearing-house and museum for Egyptologists is in central London, at a Bloomsbury address north of Oxford Street and west of the British Museum, roughly between Regents Park and the Thames. It is a High Victorian building, of fewer stories and greater ceiling height than the buildings to either side, and of altogether grander scale and elegance of detail. Within, its appointments are opulent. It is of two stories and a basement (in British terms a basement, ground floor, and first floor). A doorman waits at the door; a burly secretary waits just inside. This is the sole public entrance. A careful man, Gavigan keeps guards at the public door whenever it is unlocked.

When the investigators enter or leave the Penhew building, they may notice suspicious looking men lounging about. Some are English, others possibly Hindu or Arabic. If the player of the investigator with the highest Luck roll succeeds with the roll, the men are delivering or picking up items at the rear of the building.

If the investigators wish, they can tail the lorry to the Limehouse docks. The same procedure for tailing can be applied here, but this time if the investigators are spotted 1D8+3 crazed cultists ambush them in a dark Limehouse alley.

Interview with Gavagan
Breaking in

The Penhew Foundation

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