The Scoop


The offices of The Scoop are on the third floor of a shabby building in Fleet Street, not far from Ludgate Circus.

Mickey Mahoney

Mahoney is a grubby Irish journalist who publishes The Scoop, a weekly tabloid. Mahoney is greatly saddened by Elias’ death, having long known of it from the press wires. He is anxious to help, but will quickly sour on the investigators if they seem incompetent to him. Mahoney knows the city intimately, and knows the real worth of many people. If the investigators require the services of an expert safecracker, want to contact an underworld boss, or want to know if Inspector Barrington is an honest bloke, Mahoney is their man.

Elias visited Mahoney, promising a story about an evil cult operating in London. Elias hinted that the cult might be well connected. Mahoney never got the story, but would love to have it, and will offer to pay the investigators up to fifteen English pounds for it.

Elias seemed rushed and desperate, and he soon left for New York

Elias was interested in three stories published by the scoop:

The Scoop

Mask of Nyarlathotep tentaclese